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I have put together my witch craft library here for you to download. All are copyrighted by owners and are downloaded at your own risk, if you are unsure about the powers of these spells I would recommend letting me do them for you by clicking here and picking the spell you want. If you want to do the spell yourself then down one of the below guilds and be very careful.
White Magic Spells Downloadable Guild
All spells are laid out with step by step instructions with a supplies list
  • Love Spell - 2 Love spells total.
  • Money Spell - Bring the money you need.
  • Well Being Spell - When you have been sick but beginning to fell better this is a good spell to cast.
  • Wishing Spell - Make a wish come true.
  • Banishing Spell - Very simple spell.
  • Binding Spell - Bind anyone with just a photo of them.
  • Protection Spell - A spell to protect a object, another spell to protect more than one item.
  • Beauty Spells - Eye color change spell, Hair color change spell, Basic beauty spell.
  • Invisibility Spell - Things seen and things not seen, let me walk here in between.
  • Blinding Spells - Binding is a practical example of how a normally harmful and strictly "hands off" form of magic can be an effective and perfectly harmless magical procedure.
  • Candle Binding - Binding and transformation.
  • Healing Spells - To heal a friend or relative.
  • Truth Spells - To learn the truth or make someone tell you the truth.
  • Breaking Spells - Break a curse, remove a spell, remove a hex, reverse a spell, break a sorcerers curse, break a voodoo curse, remove a jinxed condition.
  • Levitation Spell - This is white magic, and it is interesting.
  • Time Altering Spell - Speed up or slow down time.
  • Spell To Bring Spirits - CAUTION Be very careful with this spell.

White Magic Spells Instant Download Guide

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